What Is Adult Dating And Advantages Of Dating

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Dating means going out, spending time, hanging out and getting to know each other. Adult Dating is nothing but dating among adults. Dating is not related to any sexual context; rather it is considered the best part of a relationship and marriage in which you will get to know your partners better. Definition of Dating is understood differently by different people depending upon their religious thoughts, beliefs, and the surroundings in which they are born and brought up.

Some interpret dating as a means of romantic relationship full of romance involving kiss, oral sex, intercourse. They think Dating is not the right thing to do before marriage. They think dating and hooking up as the same things which are not. Some people think it to be a commitment.  Some take Dating is a lifetime commitment. That is, they will get married and a promise for the whole life. Some take Dating casually like they think it is just going on a dinner date and spending time with each other. The other kind of people thinks that Dating can be between girlfriend and boyfriend, but the thing is anyone can go for a date even before the relationship or after it. Adults generally go for Dating before their marriage to know each other and give some time to get into each other.

Different stages of Dating

Four stages are involved in adult dating or a relationship. These four steps are generally reported between couples who encountered a love marriage. These stages are as follows-

First meet– This mainly starts from the first meet. When the girl and boy first meet with each other and at first, they become friends. They share their good times and bad times with each other. They start sharing their emotions and problems; in fact, they become comfortable with it. They share their past that they never felt comfortable sharing with others. There develops a feeling of closeness among them. This is the first and most important stage in which they both develop trust among each other.

Infatuation– Infatuation means getting attracted towards someone because if a particular reason, it may be style, face, nature or attitude. They get closer and closer and thinks of being together forever. Infatuation generally remains for 3-4 months. Some research has shown that if an infatuation remains for more than 3 months, it is considered love.

Becoming a couple– Once they develop a feeling of infatuation, they think of Dating eating other. Here arises the main stage in Dating where the couple starts spending time with each other and k owing more about each other. They remain in call for whole day and night. The love gradually increases. They start to give time to one another even when they are busy in their own life. Basically one becomes an important part of other’s life. This is the main stage when they decide to be together for lifetime or to stop there.

Engagement– Engagement basically means commitment for the whole life. They think of engaging and tie a knot for the whole life. They have to convince their parents and if there is a difference in religion then there arises a main problem in a relationship. Some love relationships break due to religious disparity. So it is important for pare ta to understand that religion doesn’t matter in love but the thing that matters is love and support for each other.

Advantages and disadvantages of Dating

There are many advantages in dating like when couples spend a lot of time with each other and decide whether they are perfect for whole life or not. The girl becomes sure that whether the boy can handle her in all situation and can become a best husband and father for her baby. They share their feelings and their likes and dislikes so that they can become perfect for each other.

There are not much disadvantage of Dating because it doesn’t involve any sex, kiss, intercourse, etc. It simply means spending time with each other for knowing each other’s likes and dislikes. But for those who follow their religion it is not the correct thing for them as they believe that meeting before marriage is not permissible.


Adult dating has now become most common because it is most important to k ow the person with whom you have to spend the whole life which is the toughest thing for a person. Remaining with the same person for a whole life is boring unless you love the people and can’t stay without them.

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