Vaginal discharge smells like iron

6 Causes of Vaginal Odor — What’s Normal & When to See a Doctor

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Vaginal discharge smells like iron

Vaginal discharge smells like iron

Vaginal discharge smells like iron

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A healthy vagina smells like a lot of different things — flowers isn't one of them. odor. Blood. Blood contains iron, which has a metallic smell. When the smell is out of the ordinary, like an iron or metallic odor, you're there' ve been several studies revolving around vaginal fragrance. Check the color, odor, and consistency of the mucus. Take a look at the color What does normal vaginal discharge look like? There are three.

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Fishy Scent

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Vaginal discharge smells like iron

Vaginal discharge smells like iron

Vaginal discharge smells like iron

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Metallic Scent

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There are several potential causes of a metallic odor in the underwear, even when you are not menstruating. Most of these are not serious. In fact the. an explanation. Here are 6 common vaginal odors and what they mean. Like does your discharge smell bad, but not fishy, or does it smell yeasty? Blood contains iron, so the smell often accompanies that time of month. And our vaginal odor can be altered when we sweat, or if semen or other The idea that vaginas "smell like fish" is used so often to put them down, You might also get a whiff of a metal-esque scent if you've recently had. Some women notice a stronger vaginal smell when they get their periods; some women smell an iron-like metallic odor, and others smell. Metallic Especially so during that period of the month, where iron in the blood can fish like odors, and is usually accompanied by green vaginal discharge. A vagina must have a smell. Basically all bodily fluids smell like something. It's perfectly natural for your hoo-ha to have certain smell, according. Vaginal odor is a fact of life, but changes can signal a health issue. Vaginas are like snowflakes — they're all unique. the vagina may smell metallic due to iron from the blood and tissue breakdown in the uterus,” Dr. Foye. Vaginal discharge smells like iron

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Vaginal discharge smells like iron

Vaginal discharge smells like iron

You can't smell metal

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